Our Philosphy & Pledge


Platypus Painting Inc. prides itself on honesty, thoroughness, follow-through and timeliness. As a business that intends on being successful in the long term, these are the elements we find are important.

We interact with our clients on a regular basis

…often daily, in an honest, up-front manner. Questions, suggestions, progress. We keep our clients up to date.

Thoroughness is key

Most things look better with a fresh coat of paint, but will it last? Platypus Painting Inc. is tenacious about doing things right the first time. Our preparations are meticulous, our attention to detail is painstaking and our finished product is first-class.

We follow through with our obligations to the end

We are all familiar with the story of the disappearing contractor. The one who has been paid and won’t return to finish painting the back door or putting up the gutters. A devotion to accountability sets us apart from other contractors.

Deadlines are important

We value them. When figuring our timeline estimates we often add time for leeway. Challenges often arise and delays do happen. By incorporating this experience into our estimates we avoid the “crunch” so the deadline gets met and no corners get cut.

With this Philosophy in mind, Platypus Painting pledges to the following:

  • We will return calls promptly and are accessible to you throughout your project.

  • We provide promises, not estimates. With the exception of change orders, we will stand by our numbers. What we promise is what you pay.

  • All of our projects will be completed in the most professional manner with the best possible workmanship.

  • We will be knowledgeable about products and their correct application.

  • We will guarantee our workmanship. You shouldn’t have to pay for a painter’s lack of skill so we guarantee it will be done properly.